From: KRISTY Robinson
Subject: vote YES on SB-104
Date: Thu Feb 26 04:19:57 MST 2015
Last election, the courts ruled that our current system is unconstitutional, so A CHANGE MUST BE MADE.  I agree wholeheartedly!  Because School Board members make decisions that directly affect the lives of our children, we need to be able to know who they are and what they believe!  For example: Do they support parental rights? Do they believe in big government & more programs?  Do they support local control over federal oversight?  The best way to accomplish this is through PARTISAN ELECTIONS where we, the People, all have the opportunity to elect delegates for the purpose of vetting candidates and making sure the best candidate (from a parent's/grandparent's/voter's point of view) gets on the ballot!

This bill is important because it will allow school board candidates to be vetted EXACTLY LIKE EVERY OTHER STATE WIDE CANDIDATE!  

~Kristy Gillespie