From: Doug and Shirley Larsen
Subject: Vote YES SB104-Empower parents
Date: Thu Feb 26 04:04:55 MST 2015

Dear Representative,

Please vote YES on SB 104.  As our new State School Superintendent
has said, parents should have the option of opting out of anything
in schools.  Please, support a parents right to choose what their children
participate in at school.

Also, all data pertaining to the children in our schools should belong to
that child with their parents as protectors of that data.  IF the schools
want to share that data, they need the parents written permission to do so.
Government has become very bold in sharing data because it is worth so
much monetarily.  They (government) should have more integrity than
to spy, save, and share data without the permission I've mentioned.

Shirley Larsen