From: Christine Burnett
To: Brad Last, Lowry Snow, LaVar Christensen, Kim Coleman, Steve Eliason, Justin Fawson, Francis Gibson, Greg Hughes, Eric Hutchings, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, mnoel, Marie Poulson,
Subject: Listen.
Date: Thu Feb 26 03:45:33 MST 2015

Dear Representative,

We're depending on you to make good decisions. Please vote YES on SB 104, for partisan school board elections, and NO on HB 305, HJR 16, HB 297, HB 342, and HB 186.


It is so important that you vote for laws that will eliminate laws/regulations/procedures that hurt our children. It is inexcusable to use children within the public education system as pawns in political and financial schemes. I don't understand why Common Core has gotten so much support by lawmakers when parents are screaming to be heard. Please listen.


Thank you for your work.


Christine Hadlock