From: Mariyn Grunig
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Partisan School Board
Date: Thu Feb 26 02:45:52 MST 2015
Representative Lifferth, I am writing in regard to the proposal to change local school board elections to a partisan office. I am opposed to this action. The local school boards represent small geographic precincts where constituents have the opportunity to meet and know their board member. Local school boards are individuals from varying backgrounds who are motivated by a desire to serve the students and an understanding of their local concerns and issues. I do not understand what would motivate this proposal. The current non-partisan system has provided qualified candidates. Partisan politics have no place in school policy and local school districts. I see no need to change a system that has served the local students well. My question would be what is the motivation to make this change? Who would benefit by this change? I don’t think that it is the students in our schools. Marilyn Grunig Hyde Park, Utah