From: Julie Schooley
To: Scott H. Chew, Kraig Powell, Melvin Brown, John Knotwell, Greg Hughes, Richard Cunningham, Robert Spendlove, Keven John Stratton, Ken Ivory, Marie Poulson, Steve Eliason, Bruce Cutler, Earl Tanner, Daniel McCay, Kim Coleman, Justin J. Miller, Eric Hutchings, Carol Moss, Patrice Arent, Mark A. Wheatley, Johnny Anderson, Craig Hall, LaVar Christensen, Sophia DiCaro, Fred Cox, Lee Perry, Brian King, Mike Kennedy, Angela Romero, Joel Briscoe, Rebecca Houck, Sandra Hollins, Susan Duckworth, Doug Sagers, Becky Edwards, Raymond Ward, Timothy D. Hawkes, Stewart Barlow, Steve Handy, Brad Wilson, Curtis Oda, Paul Ray, Mike Schultz, Brad Dee, Dixon Pitcher, Jeremy Peterson, Gage Froerer, Justin Fawson, Jacob Anderegg, Curt Webb, Edward Redd, Jack Draxler, David Lifferth, Scott Sandall,
Subject: Fwd: Please Vote Yes for a Medicaid Expansion
Date: Thu Feb 26 01:07:56 MST 2015

Dear Representative, 
    Please help put in place a Medicaid Expansion This Year! I'm a Registered Nurse and I have 2 children, ages 26 and 27, who are working and not able to afford insurance in the market place as their incomes are in the gap and they are going to school. All my daughters friends who are waitresses as she is, are also hard working, tax paying citizens who cannot afford the outrageous cost of medical insurance.
    If our free enterprise system is going to allow the Insurance companies to continue to control what the physicians can prescribe, offer services then do their best to systematically withhold payment on those services while paying huge salaries and bonuses to CEO's, then I believe it is our legislature's job to be sure all the citizens can deal with this great disservice by being assisted in their medical care funding. I see it as warped priorities rather than cost effective money management when you look at where the money is going and who is benefiting from the funds available if it's protecting the interests of the higher income bracket people at the expense of the middle and lower income bracket people. 
    In addition, I can't help but believe that if it were the children of the legislators suffering from this absence of coverage, a solution would have been found 2 years ago. Having the ease and amazing reach of coverage available to government officials must dull the senses to the needs of the average person, judging from Senator Christensens comments. We don't need to just cover the vulnerable- what about the able bodied, hard working (disappearing) middle class?

                                                                                                        Thank you,  Julie Schooley