From: Melanie Berthold
To: Becky Edwards, thawks, Howard Stephenson, Steve Eliason, Mike Kennedy, Stuart Adams, Lyle Hillyard, Jani Iwamoto, Aaron Osmond, Steve Urquhart, lavalchristensen, Francis Gibson, David Lifferth, Brad Last, Marie Poulson, Bruce Cutler, Justin Fawson, Daniel Thatcher, Joel Briscoe, Kraig Powell, Norm Thurston,
Subject: Vote in FAVOR of the Intensive Services Fund
Date: Mon Feb 23 20:07:12 MST 2015
Dear Public Education Committee Member,
     As you consider the many "good " bills during these upcoming weeks, please remember the letters I have written to you in favor of the Public Education Intensive Services Fund. Our Special Needs children need this ongoing money.
     I attended the meeting on February 10th and with others presented to you to merits of the fund, and our extreme need for medical supplies, curriculum, one on one teachers and technology (IPADS). When you pass the bill I will be empowered to approach our district and to create this "appropriate" learning environment.
     Again, my thanks for your efforts during this busy time.
Melanie Berthold