From: kathy larrabee
To: kathy larrabee,
Subject: SB 199........
Date: Sun Feb 22 17:45:23 MST 2015
My name is Kathy Larrabee and live in Kearns, UT.
I am writing to ask your support for Senator Mayne's SB 199, Local Government Amendments bill.  
Our county-wide Community Preservation (legislative drafting committee) met this past Saturday, February 10,
after reading the bill, and came to a consensus. 
Our fears and concerns have been set aside.  SB 199 now meets the needs of the unincorporated communities of the Salt Lake Valley.  
It is a fair and good piece of legislation. 
The vote guaranteed to the unincorporated communities is critical to stop the waste of tax payer dollars.  It will define peace for our residents. 
It is time to quit wasting resources which could be used in truly servicing our constituents. 
Please help us solve this issue for future generations to come. 
Vote YES on SB 199
Thank you for your time.
Kathy Larrabee