From: Breck Fullmer
To: Breck Fullmer,
Subject: Millcreek Incorporation
Date: Thu Feb 19 22:57:46 MST 2015


I am a citizen in the Millcreek boundary. I own a home there, a rental property and recently  moved my business into the area.


Please listen to the people of this area on very important matters.


Please consider:


-A NO vote for SB199  immediately. This bill gives to much power to SLCounty. It will control my vote. It is extremely complex and is not what we want.


-Continue the process of incorporation under the Lt. Governor’s office instead of SLCounty.


-Mandate that Counties stay out of the incorporation process. Cities are a subdivision of the state, not counties. No need for County input.


-Request that legislature’s find a solution for the revenue negative areas-Kearns, Magna, Copperton etc. Leave our revenue in our control.




Thank you

















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