From: Emilee Ferguson
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Vote no on sb199
Date: Thu Feb 19 22:17:28 MST 2015

Vote NO on SB199. 

 SLCCOUNTY has overstepped its power in SB199. Millcreek residents need to have their constitutional rights to a FAIR VOTE protected and honored. Our mortgage went up $150 this year because of tax increase on millcreek properties. We can not afford the continual tax increase. While we would like to help areas such as Kearns, Magna, and Cooperton, this financial hardship can NOT be carried solely by Millcreek residents. All counties should share this burden. Millcreek does NOT want to be incorporated into a mega city with Kearns, Magna, and Coperton. 



Emilee Ferguson

1592 E. Orchard Dr.

SLC, UT 84106 

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