From: Douglas Gould
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Please support Healthy Utah
Date: Tue Feb 17 22:48:07 MST 2015
Feb 17, 2015 Representative David Lifferth State Capitol, Suite 350 350 North State Street Salt Lake City, UT 84114 Dear Representative Lifferth, For the thousands of Utahns who can't access any affordable health care, I ask you to move forward with the Healthy Utah plan. Healthy Utah completely closes the coverage gap and also brings millions of dollars back to Utah. At the same time, the plan promotes individual responsibility and supports private markets. If Utah does not address the coverage gap, thousands will continue to delay important health care decisions. Failure to receive needed health care can lead to enormous costs for both the patient and health care providers. These costs are then passed on to all Utahns in the form of increased premiums and higher taxes. As a health insurance broker, I have had to turn away dozens of people who needed and wanted to buy health insurance, but fell into the black hole. Stop quibbling about this and get it fixed. This is a sensible solution to a problem that you should be ashamed to allow to continue! I urge you to support Healthy Utah during this legislative session. Sincerely, Mr. Douglas Gould 230 W 200 S Suite 2508 Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1337 8017048030 x102