From: Nancy Valdez
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Please support SB164!
Date: Tue Feb 17 21:57:07 MST 2015
Feb 17, 2015 Representative David Lifferth State Capitol, Suite 350 350 North State Street Salt Lake City, UT 84114 Dear Representative Lifferth, I am writing to ask that you support SB164, a unique Utah compromise which will provide affordable health coverage options to thousands of Utahns. In today's society, we have the power to help people who need the peace and security that comes from having health insurance. They are today's poor, widow, fatherless. We have the power to do this just by saying, "Yes". "Yes" to using taxes collected from all of us in order to create a society that works and cares for everyone. We live in a country that was built upon the ideals of freedom and equality. It is impossible for us to be equal in all things, but we can be equal in our opportunities and our inalienable rights. Quality healthcare is one of those human rights. The right to know that our good health and safety is valued in our society. The right to know that if we become ill or incapacitated, we will not lose everything we have. The right and the assurance that if we become ill, we do not have to forego the necessary treatment to heal us simply because we cannot afford it. Many people have become really sick without the opportunity to receive health care at the first sign of illness. Lack of good health care has taken the lives of many people in this country. This is unacceptable in a society that respects and values human life. I, along with the majority of Utah citizens, fully support SB164. We ask that, in a time of great opportunity, you say, "Yes" to providing health insurance to "the least of these", without criticism, without judgement. We cannot stand by and let our friends and neighbors do without health care when we have the power to give them the peace and security the rest of us rely on. I urge you to vote YES on SB164, and help promote healthy and productive families in Utah! Sincerely, Ms. Nancy Valdez 983 E Springcrest Ct Midvale, UT 84047-2374