From: katie mckay
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Take Utah Education to the TOP 10 in the US
Date: Sat Feb 14 03:07:49 MST 2015
Dear State Representative Lifferth, Utah students need proficiency in reading and math and they need to graduate from high school. Utahns need postsecondary education that prepares them for the workplace. We must utilize innovative strategies, increased accountability and targeted investments to improve the current mediocre performance of our public education systems. Educational achievement correlates to economic progress for individuals and communities. As you know, Utah ranks high as a state with a robust economy showing strong growth and low unemployment. Unfortunately, our rankings in education are less favorable. Our students are low in education because of standardized testing and No Child Left Behind. Common Core is not going to help our students in Utah, it is only going to make it worse!!!!! SAGE testing is not designed to help in Math or Reading, it only frustrates, confuses, takes data and makes teachers have to teach to testing even more which pulls the teachers away from real teaching. Common Core is an evil design and one the state of Utah should be getting out of. It is money based, I realize that and the state gets more money but don't you see in the long run it will destroy and we will loose our freedom! Please take your blinders off and see if for what it is. AIR who is the one who writes the SAGE test is a behavioral and data collection place and we are accepting something that has no proof, has not been tested, is just given to us as a disguise and we are forced to conform. Washington state had 49 democratic districts who rejected Common Core, what are we doing? If you want to improve students performance- get better teachers, and make the classrooms smaller. I am a teacher, I should know! All the money that is put into testing could be put into building more schools and hiring more teachers and aids. There is not enough supervision in any of the schools to direct learning. I will not support any more testing or initiatives. We need smaller classrooms and better and more teachers and aids. We need the government to get out of education, we need to manage our own affairs and what is best for our state and our students and not make them all the same! We need to get rid of the high payed employees in education who do nothing and as long as they get a paycheck, they are not concerned about the rest of us and our children. I hope that you will change this by supporting initiatives that will ensure Utah�s continued economic success and prosperity by taking Utah education to the top 10. Sincerely, katie mckay 349 N. 970 E. Logan, UT 84321