From: rh
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Take Utah Education to the TOP 10 in the US
Date: Fri Feb 13 16:07:30 MST 2015
Dear State Representative Lifferth, Utah students need proficiency in reading and math and they need to graduate from high school. Utahns need postsecondary education that prepares them for the workplace. We must utilize innovative strategies, increased accountability and targeted investments to improve the current mediocre performance of our public education systems. Educational achievement correlates to economic progress for individuals and communities. As you know, Utah ranks high as a state with a robust economy showing strong growth and low unemployment. Unfortunately, our rankings in education are less favorable. I just wanted you to know that I encourage you to make Utah's education a top priority, and to support significant funding to raise Utah's academic achievement in math and reading and to increase graduation rates and college completion. As a member of Utah's business community, I support the 5-year plan presented by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and partners statewide. I want to make sure that Utah's students are trained and ready for high level jobs that may come to or are created in Utah in the future. This is important to Utah families and Utah's economic development. I hope that you will change this by supporting initiatives that will ensure Utah�s continued economic success and prosperity by taking Utah education to the top 10. Sincerely, Rhonda Greenwood Love Communications 29 South 250 East North Salt Lake, UT 84054