From: RyLee Curtis
To: gary, sjcox,
Subject: Please Support the Healthy Utah Plan
Date: Fri Feb 13 15:46:32 MST 2015

Dear Governor Herbert and Utah legislators:


Of all the issues you address this legislative session, the question of access to healthcare will have the most important impact on your constituents lives. In fact, it could save their lives.


Please read our attached statement on why we support the Healthy Utah Plan.  

Far too many Utahns live in a coverage gap with no access to healthcare through Medicaid, or through affordable private insurance.


We support access to affordable healthcare for all Utahns, so a mother with a lump in her breast can receive the preventive services she needs before it turns into a raging cancer, and a part-time worker with high-blood pressure can get the medicine he needs to continue to be a productive member of society and provide for his family.


Please consider a proposal that covers all Utahns—and not just a select few.

The funding is there, the support from Utahns is there, now we need your support.

Thank you,


RyLee Curtis

Senior Health Policy Analyst

Utah Health Policy Project

1832 W. Research Way

Salt Lake City, UT 84119

C: 801-706-7831

O: 801-433-2299 x.8



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