From: Becca
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Support for the Expansion of ASD funding and the Carson Smith Scholarship
Date: Wed Feb 11 16:46:19 MST 2015

Good Morning Representative Lifferth,

You heard from my husband, Ben Anderson, this morning regarding increased support and expansion of the Carson Smith Scholarship for families and children struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I also wanted to reach out personally and let you know that I support this expansion.  Ben introduced our son Steely who is 3 years old.  He is very special to us.  As parents, we want to do anything we can to ensure our son's success in this life.  We know he has great potential.  Additional funding and support of the Carson Smith Scholarship and other programs will give him the vital support early on to increase his chances of the healthiest and happiest life.

I have included a couple of pictures of Steely so you too can see the potential this little guy has.

Thank you for considering our plea and thank you for your service to our great state of Utah.  I know this funding can make a significant impact in our lives and as well as the lives of other families who struggle with children diagnosed with ASD.

Becca Anderson