To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Vote NO on HB022
Date: Wed Feb 11 15:20:27 MST 2015
Representative Lifferth,

I am writing in response to House Bill 0266 that Representative Hutchings has recently introduced. I would like to ask you to VOTE NO on this bill. 

This bill amends the rulemaking authority of the Department of Public Safety related to the use of a tow truck motor carrier by a peace officer on certain unhealthy air quality days.

I understand that the idea behind this bill is to create better air quality, which is good for everyone. However, the understanding that I have from those who have spoken with Rep. Hutchings is that this bill will allow for better air quality, as towing service providers will be called only, when their office location is closest to the vehicle that needs the towing service.

The biggest issue with this bill is the INCORRECT thinking that the tow truck operators are waiting in the office for their next call.. .

The reality is that the majority of tow truck operators are waiting elsewhere. As they do spend a great amount of time on call, they are waiting at home, spending time with family, running errands, or running other calls in the valley.

Currently the Department of Public Safety uses a rotation system. In the Salt Lake County, all companies must comply with the many rules and regulations in order to be approved and placed on the list. Each company must wait for their respective turn on the rotation for their opportunity to respond to a scene to generate revenue. This bill would create unfair advantages for certain providers, if it were allowed to be passed.

Also, each company who is part of the Salt Lake County rotation system is required to arrive on scene within 20 minutes. If the 20 minute response time cannot be met the company is required to deny the call. On most days, especially in the rush hour, a 20 minute response time may only be met, if the driver is within a few miles of the scene, therefore the amount of driving is already limited in order to accept the call and implementing this bill would NOT help the air quality.

Again, I would like to ask you to VOTE NO on HB0226.

Thank you,
Lisa Butcher
Mountain West Towing
801-674-5466 Office
801-949-3514 Cell