From: Becky Campos
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Northern Utah Autism Program
Date: Wed Feb 11 03:08:46 MST 2015
Dear Rep. Lifferth, I am writing concerning Northern Utah Autism Program (NUAP), but first let me introduce my family. My husband and I have three children. Aly, 5, Emily, 4, and Chris, 3. All three have received an Autism diagnosis. Aly attended NUAP in 2013-2014. Emily has attended since 2013 and will graduate the end of this school year. Chris will begin in the fall and continue til he turns 5. Before attending NUAP, both Aly and Emily had very limited speech and different sensory issues. They didn't know how to handle schedule changes and weren't potty trained. Because of NUAP, they went from saying maybe 10 words to over 50. They have learned how to make friends and play with others. NUAP has taught them different strategies for when things get to be too much for them. For example: if it is too noisy or loud, they go get headphones to block some of it out. NUAP has given our family hope for the future. There are currently over 80+ children on the waiting list to get into one of the three classes NUAP has. Every week they receive new referrals. Many of those on the wait list turn 5 before they are able to attend due to funding. NUAP needs more funding so they can add more classes and get more aides. NUAP is amazing and has been a blessing to so many families. And there are so many more that need the help they have to offer. We greatly appreciate your continued support. Troy and ReBecca Campos