From: Elizabeth Wilson
To: Howard Stephenson, Steve Eliason, Mike Kennedy, Stuart Adams, Lyle Hillyard, Jani Iwamoto, Aaron Osmond, Daniel Thatcher, Steve Urquhart, nthurston, Kraig Powell, Marie Poulson, David Lifferth, Brad Last, Francis Gibson, Justin Fawson, Becky Edwards, Bruce Cutler, LaVar Christensen, Joel Briscoe,
Subject: Importance of October 1st, 2015
Date: Wed Feb 11 02:40:48 MST 2015
Dear Utah Senators and Representatives-

     I would like to bring to your attention how important  the  October 1  headcount is to Utah charter schools.  Eliminating the October 1 headcount would cost Utah charter schools $5 million to $6 million.   Eliminating the October 1 headcount would exacerbate the inequitable funding  between charter schools and school districts. Charter schools do receive more state funding per student than school districts. However,  Utah charter schools receive less money overall per student than district schools Eliminating the October 1  headcount for charter schools means the gap between what school districts and charter schools spend per student will get BIGGER.  Moreover, eliminating the  October 1  headcount for charter schools, and replacing it with ADM plus growth, will not solve the larger problems plaguing Utah education finance. Utah's education system should reward student competency, not a school's ability to keep a child in a seat.  Eliminating the October 1 headcount will relieve pressure to address the real problem , which is exactly the wrong direction to go!

  Elizabeth T. Wilson
Elizabeth T. Wilson
Art Teacher
Salt Lake Arts Academy