From: Josh Rempfer
To: Howard Stephenson, Steve Eliason, Mike Kennedy, Stuart Adams, Lyle Hillyard, Jani Iwamoto, Aaron Osmond, Daniel Thatcher, Steve Urquhart, Joel Briscoe, LaVar Christensen, Bruce Cutler, Becky Edwards, Justin Fawson, Francis Gibson, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, nthurston,
Subject: October 1 Count
Date: Tue Feb 10 23:38:27 MST 2015
Congressmen and women, I’m new to Charter School administration and I daily learn about the challenging financial aspect of running a school. That being said, the new ADM idea would be very challenging at our school. I cannot speak for every charter school but I think having the dollar amount fluctuate on a monthly basis would make things quite difficult. We have a semi-transient population. Our numbers fluctuate as people move and change schools. Just this year, we had a family with 9 children move to Idaho. (9x$5500)… We take new students during the school year….. but many times families do NOT like to make that transition mid-year. Lottery pulls in the middle of the year to replace transition students are often not successful. These are just a few thoughts from a young administrator. I understand the decision has to be made with the entire state in mind. I just wanted to make a statement. Thank you Josh Rempfer Dean of Students Ogden Preparatory Academy