From: Debby Llewelyn
To: Howard Stephenson, Steve Eliason, Mike Kennedy, Lyle Hillyard, Daniel Thatcher, Joel Briscoe, Bruce Cutler, Justin Fawson, Brad Last, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, nthurston, David Lifferth, Francis Gibson, Becky Edwards, LaVar Christensen, Steve Urquhart, Aaron Osmond, Jani Iwamoto, Stuart Adams,
Subject: please keep Oct. 1 funding for charter schools
Date: Tue Feb 10 23:31:15 MST 2015
Dear Members of the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee,

I'm deeply concerned about the decision to remove Oct. 1 funding for charter schools.  At Mountainville Academy, we are currently funded at our enrollment cap of 750 students.  We have been approved to increase our enrollment cap to 800 students this Fall.  We need the October 1 funding to educate these additional 50 students.  I sit down weekly with our school's finance committee.  Our budget is very, very tight, but at least we know exactly what our funding is and can plan accordingly.  We are also in the early stages of refinancing our bond through the credit enhancement program.  I can't think of any lender that would want to work with charter schools who's income is unknown or has taken a hit. 

With the October 1 count, we have a set amount we can budget with.  We love our Mountainville students.  We continue to accept students throughout the year, as seats become available.  We can't afford a hit to our budget right now.  Please keep the October 1 funding in place and really take the time over the next year or so to correct the funding equalization problems.  

Thank you,
Debby Llewelyn

Board Chair
Mountainville Academy