From: Nathan Cureton
Subject: October 1 Charter School Funding
Date: Tue Feb 10 22:43:29 MST 2015
Members of the Public Ed Appropriations Subcommittee,

As a charter school parent, teacher and administrator, I urge you to maintain the current funding formula for charter schools. My personal research of the issue clearly yields the fact that this move would be hurtful to charter school students - nearly 10% of all Utah's students. The system is currently inequitable as it is, and such a move would only serve to widen the funding gap. I know Local Replacement Funds are always a topic of discussion, while backpack funding is probably a distant dream. Yet for our current situation - though mathematically flawed in favor of district students - I urge to you maintain the current mechanism of the October 1 headcount.

Thank You,
Nathan Cureton