From: Isaac Thomas
Subject: Support the Governor's Healthy Utah Plan
Date: Tue Feb 10 21:29:39 MST 2015
Please support Governor Herbert's Health Utah plan. I have enjoyed the freedom that comes from being able to purchase my own health insurance through the marketplace, and believe that all of us deserve to have health coverage.  There are many reason's to accept the plan. Here are just a few.

-Keeping Utah money in Utah. Declining the money will mean that Utah taxpayer money goes to other states. Accepting Healthy Utah will keep jobs and money here.

-60-88% of Utahn's support Healthy Utah. (Depending on how you look at the polls.) If this measure came up for a state-wide vote it would pass with overwhelming majority.

-People in "the gap" without health insurance are going to make premiums rise for the rest of us if they don't get covered. Accepting Healthy Utah will make sure healthcare works for all of Utah.

-The worries about the Federal government keeping their end of the bargain are invalid. Cuts are made to social programs all of the time (1 million people just lost food stamps). If cut backs need to be made then they will be made. This is NOT a reason to deny needy Utahn's health coverage.

-It will lift many Utahn's out of poverty.

Please support this great compromise. Out state will only succeed if you do.

Thank you for your time and your service,

Isaac Thomas

Here is a great article form Utah Business Magazine talking about the benefits that Healthy Utah would bring.