From: Barbara Thornton
To: Barbara Thornton,
Subject: Please vote YES on SB87
Date: Tue Feb 10 06:31:55 MST 2015
 Please support SB87 by Gene Davis by voting YES. We need for the DAQ to be able to look outside the box and have the option to implement new monitoring technology on a bad actor like Stericycle (one of MANY superpolluters in Utah!) Utah law states that we can't be stricter than the EPA, so unless the EPA mandates new technology on all incinerators throughout the US we can't have it here. Our topography merits the need for innovative, not one size fits all mentality. We need this bill so that we can solve Utah problems with Utah solutions. Our Utah legislature prides itself on being a free agent, resisting efforts by the federal government to overstep in our state; I can't believe that kowtowing to the EPA on this issue serves that reputation or our citizens well! 

I am a mother of three whose asthma is so bad in throughout the year (winter inversions and summer smog) that I have to stay inside and restrict my activity and therefore what I can do with my kids. I have a son with autism. Researchers are now attributing major correlations to toxins in the environment and increased cases with autism. This is a cause VERY close to my heart. 

My husband and I are fortunate enough to make a good living, but we are seriously considering moving out of Utah and taking our income taxes with us because we value our health and that of our children! We are doing our part as consumers, our fireplace has never been used, we never idle our car, we use public transit. Please strengthen the law to hold industry accountable for their share of the pollution in our beautiful state!

Thank you for your time and service, 
Barbara Thornton