From: Bonneville School of Sailing
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Utah Lake Stewardship/Opportunity
Date: Thu Feb 05 18:10:57 MST 2015

Representative Lifferth,

In our 16 years on Utah Lake we have been impressed with the steady improvements that have been made, not only to the lake itself, but also to the State Park. Our sailing school, based out of the Provo marina is in its ninth year of operation and has grown steadily each year. In 2014 we were able to introduce 370 people to the lake. Even though most of our clients come from the Wasatch Front (mostly the Salt Lake area), we have also had people come from many other states and even other countries. The majority of these folks were unaware of what a great resource we have just minutes from downtown Provo. Without exception, they all comment on how expansive, wild and beautiful the lake is and how peaceful their experience has been.


Eleven years ago the harbor was dredged and over the years it has naturally filled with silt to the point now where maintenance is again needed. Last season as the lake levels continued to drop marine hazards began to damage boats. Getting out of the harbor was a challenge but once we were out on the lake, a quality boating experience was enjoyed.


Utah Lake is an incredible resource and we have the potential to make this lake the gem that Lake Tahoe, Flathead Lake, Dillon Reservoir and so many other lakes have become in their areas. Utah Lake is a huge body of water with wildlife, beautiful sunsets and an unequaled opportunity for people to come together and enjoy an amazing experience out on the water.


We believe Utah Lake is a valuable asset to the state of Utah and are asking for your help in allocating funds to maintain the harbor so that Utah Lake can continue the progress it has made as a vital and well-used recreation area along the Wasatch Front.

We appreciate all that you do make our state a wonderful place to live and raise families.




Todd & Louise Frye

Bonneville School of Sailing