From: Pam Warren
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Representation for all Utahns on Committees
Date: Wed Feb 12 16:39:10 MST 2014

Dear Rep. Lifferth,


I'm saddened by your approach of wanting to "shame" Utahns who are not in your district for contacting you with their thoughts about various bills and legislation. I can understand your feeling burdened by the amount of mail you must receive, but your attitude concerns me. Most importantly, you sit on committees and your responsibility on those committees is to all Utahns, not just your constituents. If that were the case, only a small number of Utahns would be represented in the areas of education, transportation, and public education appropriations.


Please reconsider your responsibilities to all of Utah's citizens and serve as you were elected to do. Public shaming by an elected official is inappropriate and not worthy of the office you hold.



Pam Warren

Provo, UT