From: Joey Brink
To: Joseph Brink,
Subject: Please Support Clean Air
Date: Wed Feb 12 06:19:07 MST 2014
Dear Utah Legislator, Thank you for all the hard work you do for our community. I am one of 9,000 people who signed the Clean Air No Excuses Petition I would like to voice just how important clean air is for me. I recently moved to Salt Lake City just over a year ago from Connecticut. My wife and I are planning to have kids soon, and are considering moving away from Utah if the air quality does not improve very soon. We love Utah and would be very sad to leave. The poor air quality has been shown to have a detrimental effect on pregnant women and babies in utero. Air pollution endangers my family's health, my quality of life, and harms Utah's economy. If I am not mistaken, you will have an opportunity to vote on many clean air initiatives in the coming weeks. I beg you to support all clean air bills. Please support Governor Herbert in his call for a ban of wood burning during inversion season, in our worst polluted counties, and SB 164 that would allow the Air Quality Board to make pollution rules stricter than the EPA. Thank you for your time, Joseph Brink PhD Candidate Mechanical Engineering, Robotics University of Utah 203-779-9333