From: Laureen Simper
To: Lowry Snow,
Subject: VOTE YES ON HB 81
Date: Tue Feb 11 03:09:07 MST 2014
Dear Representative:

I am writing to urge you to pass HB 81. Parents are the sovereign authority and chief advocates for their children.  The USOE could easily accommodate the comparatively few parents who want to view the tests prior to giving permission for their children to take them.  If there is truly nothing to hide, parents will be glad to see that for themselves.  It is ludicrous and somewhat insulting to suggest that parents' motive is to help elementary and middle school aged children cheat on computer adaptive standardized tests - that would be practically impossible.  

MY ideal would be to have Utah be one of the vanguard states that recognize the disaster of Common Core - at the root of this debate -  and put some teeth in legislation that would make the USOE more accountable to Utah parents - starting with making the board have to face voters directly in open elections. It's disturbing to see this education committee, as well as the USOE, be more concerned with protecting a $28 million commodity.  Your job as a representative of this state is, first and foremost, to protect the rights of its citizens. 

Thank you.

Laureen Simper