From: Kathy's Letters
To: Greg Hughes, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, Kathy's Letters,
Subject: Why HB96 is so bad!
Date: Fri Feb 07 15:01:33 MST 2014

HB96 for 3 and 4 year old school readiness is bad because:

1.  They are too young and it doesn't last.

2.   Workforce Training (Corporate sponsored) combines
      Education with Labor and is Socialism.

3.   They learn what government and corporations want.
4.    Children at this age need their mother!

I understand what the sponsor of this bill wants but in the
end you would regret this legislation.

Workforce training is the Polytechnization of schools like
in the Soviet Union.  My brother-in-law was Assoc. Supt. of
Schools here in Utah and he was sent to the Soviet Union
on a trip. 

This also fulfills the United Nations "Education For All" (1990)
which the Carnegie Corporation's National Center on Education
and the Economy's President, Marc Tucker, paid Hilary Clinton
$102,000 in 1990-91 for helping to develop it's Workforce Skills.
Hilary would rather women be in the workforce anyway.