From: Susie Schnell
Subject: Please vote YES on HB 81
Date: Fri Feb 07 14:59:50 MST 2014

Please vote YES on HB 81 so more parents can participate in the review process for the new Common Core tests for their children. The law as it now stands is not sufficient to have enough oversight on the integrity of these new tests. The 15 parents chosen had to review 10,000 questions in just 5 days, flagging close to 600 objectionable questions. However only 43 were dropped and 156 were changed. There is no way of knowing which of these 600 questions were taken out or changed and parents by law could not even discuss what they found. HB 81 would fix some of these oversights to make the tests better for our state. Also, please keep these two Utah codes in mind as you vote on any educational bills for this occasion or in the future:


·         Parents have the Constitutionally-protected right and duty to exercise primary control over the care, supervision, upbringing, and education of their children (Utah Code Section 62A-4a-201).

·         The state's role is secondary and supportive to the primary role of a parent” (Utah Code Section 62A-4a-201)


Susan Schnell

UT delegate