From: Kevin Leinbach
To: Francis Gibson,
Subject: Pass bill HB 81 from a concerned responsible parent that lives in Draper
Date: Fri Feb 07 14:51:03 MST 2014

Past experience has shown that the implementation of common core deliberately ignores the concerns of parents. After parents reviewed test questions they identified a number of objectionable test questions. Some of the objectionable test questions were changed, but only a few and the parents were never told which ones were changed and which weren't. Parents are the ones in charge for the care, upbringing, and education of their children, not common core, not anyone else. If parents object to test questions then there should be changes to all of the objectionable questions, not just a small percentage. HB 81 protects the rights and responsibilities of parents and their children, so p lease vote for HB 81 as it preserves the right of the parent to review test questions for the common core.