From: LauraLyn Eberting
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Please Vote YES on HB81 re Parental Review of Test Questions
Date: Fri Feb 07 05:53:25 MST 2014

Rep. Lifferth:


I encourage you to vote in favor of passing HB81 out of committee. It is a fundamental right of parents to exercise primary control over the education of their children. Without the provisions of HB81, all but 15 parents are precluded from reviewing the SAGE/AIR tests for objectionable question content. Not only is the 15-parent limitation wrong from a fundamental parental rights perspective, as a practical matter it places a huge burden on a small number of people to review such a large number of questions within a limited period of time.  HB81 appropriately protects against nondisclosure, maintaining the integrity of the tests, and helps distribute the burden as well a-- most importantly--protecting the rights of parents. Please vote YES on HB81.



LauraLyn Eberting