From: Louisa Walker
To: Jim Nielson,
Subject: Please vote YES on HB 81
Date: Fri Feb 07 05:30:12 MST 2014
Dear Representative,

I feel strongly about HB 81 because I WAS ONE OF THE ONLY FIFTEEN parents that served on the Parent Review Committee that reviewed questions for the new SAGE tests. We only had a week to go through the test items, so when it was done, each question was only seen by 2-3 parents. When it was all done, every single one of us agreed that we wished we would have had the opportunity to see all the questions, had time allowed. I can only imagine what every other parent in Utah is feeling, not having had the chance that I did. 

I am even more concerned, because according to the numbers we were given, only 1/3 of the flagged questions were changed or removed. The remaining 2/3 will be re-evaluated after the field test this spring. While I cannot give specifics, there were quite a few items I personally reviewed that I am not comfortable with my children reading. Since I won't even know which items were changed until this fall, I will be opting my children out of testing (which brings on another whole set of problems regarding required participation rate, school grading, teacher evaluations, etc). 

Parents have the Constitutional right to view everything their children are being exposed to, which includes tests. Please pass HB 81 out of committee.

Thank you,

Louisa Walker