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Subject: Issue 1 2014: Kennecott community newsletter
Date: Thu Feb 06 23:26:16 MST 2014

theKennection: Issue 1: 2014
Rio Tinto Kennecott community newsletter

In our ongoing commitment to keep you informed about our operations and efforts in the community, we invite you to read our e-newsletter, theKennection. Access short stories, web and video links about our current activities in environment, education, energy and engagement. You can find theKennection online anytime at Some highlights to Issue 1 for 2014 include:

Recovery progress

Learn more about what we are doing to reduce our impact and be part of a shared solution to improve air quality in the Salt Lake Valley.

Recovery progress

Since the historic landslide last April, see the incredible progress we have made while keeping safety a priority. Hear about some of our challenges ahead and what we are doing to get our operation back to full production.

Community engagement

Read about our efforts to support education and give back to the community. See your feedback from our annual stakeholder forum and how we are working to improve the way we do business.

Thank you for taking a closer look at Rio Tinto Kennecott. We welcome your questions and feedback about our operation and how we are fulfilling our role as a community partner. Please send your inquiries to Opt-in to receive a digital version of this newsletter by visiting

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