From: Brett Gerlach
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Please oppose HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 18:37:19 MST 2014

Not sure if this made it out of committee, but I’d really like to see this one killed.  First, due to privacy concerns as the bill includes data collection as part of Obama’s hole cradle-to-grave tracking vision.  Second, preschool programs have not been effective – Headstart was very expensive and hasn’t accomplished much.  I believe this will simply be the beginning of another expensive preschool program that we can’t afford.  Further, data on early starts shows it really makes little difference.


Finally, the first 5-7 years are when children’s values are developed, and I strongly feel that needs to be the parents’ domain.  This whole idea of education from birth that our president touts sounds a lot like the government getting between the parent and the child during those formative years.


So for privacy, for fiscal responsibility and out of respect for parents’ rights, we need to shut down HB 96.  And the probably benefits are dubious anyway, so it’s not even hard.




Brett Gerlach


801-789-3000 x 100 (office)

801-879-2822 (mobile)