From: Steve Wilcox
To: David Lifferth, Jacob Anderegg, Mike Kennedy,
Subject: You Don't Work for CenturyLink or Comcast. You work for me
Date: Thu Feb 06 18:23:11 MST 2014

I am a technical consultant for a large payroll company based out of state.  I work from home, developing small-scale solutions to close gaps in services provided to our clients.

In short, I work on the internet, and I pay far too much for far too little.

Unfortunately, my provider is the only game in town.  I have literally prayed for viable competition to drive down prices and offer options when I select an ISP.

Given that Net Neutrality was struck down nationally, market competition is the ONLY thing that will protect your constituents from irresponsible behavior by ISPs.
Cable and Telecom oligopolies are already too powerful.

It's simple.  Vote No on HB60, or I will make it my personal mission to see that you are not re-elected.