From: joni harris
To: Francis Gibson, Kraig Powell, Dean Sanpei, Keven John Stratton, Lowry Snow, Patrice Arent, Richard Cunningham, Steve Eliason, Greg Hughes, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, Marie Poulson, Val Peterson, Jim Nielson,
Subject: oppose HB-96
Date: Thu Feb 06 16:20:16 MST 2014
I oppose this bill for several reasons:

1.  Children aren't ready to be separated from Mom

2. Headstart has not accomplished anything at this level, what makes you think this would be any different.

3.  Data collection on our children.  Data can be used for good or evil purposes.  I just don't trust government to use it only for good purposes.  

Please be careful in passing this type of legislation


Joni harris--Tremonton, UT