From: Beate und Familie
Subject: regarding HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 16:01:04 MST 2014
Dear Committee Member, with great concern have we watched the debates on more and earlier government interventions. My family is from Germany with family in East Germany. The programs that are being pushed resemble the programs used in the high time of East Germany. We soon have files on each child from 6 weeks on when they are to be turned over to government day cares. It is extremely Un-American to force more government control on families. This madness is no longer representing the voice and best interest of the people. Please oppose HB 96 so our children can be free of rigorous and unnecessary government control. We believe teaching correct principles is by far more important than more laws, helping people to govern themselves based on true and good principles. Please oppose HB 96. Thank you. Sincerely Beate Frome