From: Annie
To: Annie,
Subject: Opposed to HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 15:44:48 MST 2014

Dear Committee member,


We are opposed to HB 96. Children need the anchor and attachment of their parents or a primary care giver to develop meaningful, lasting, respectful reciprocity for relationships throughout the rest of their lives. Please voice and stop making laws that breakdown the relationships of tiny children and their stable family environment. We have seen the unfortunate effects of children who were passed around and traumatized by disruption over and over—this causes trauma much like the effects of divorce yet again and again. They fail to develop executive functioning that many children and adults take for granted. In many ways and the effects are an impulsive behavior and socially undesirable (working in selfish terms). HB 96 will not accomplish an educational means but a monitoring and loss of liberty for those parents who are active in their parenting responsibilities.



Amy Olson