From: Janette Fischer
Subject: Oppose HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 14:52:04 MST 2014
I would like to please ask you as my representative to OPPOSE HB  96.  As a former Kindergarten Teacher and Preschool Teacher there are numerous reasons why I oppose this bill.  And I can say this even though I teach early childhood!!  One of the many being that any bill that supports Obama's plan to force education from birth or any type of early education does NOT benefit the children, ends up costing tax payers lots of money and is invasive to homes and parents decisions whether or not they feel their child is ready for school.   And I can say this being a teacher AND a parent.  

Let's not repeat the failure of the Head Start program and let's keep the decisions about educating at that age to the parents!  PLEASE!

Please, please oppose this bill!!

-Janette Fischer