From: Chris Watts
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Please Oppose HB 96 Utah School Readiness Initiative
Date: Thu Feb 06 11:43:47 MST 2014
Representative Lifferth,

Please Oppose  HB 96  Utah School Readiness Initiative

Government should stay out of early childhood.


I’m concerned about where this could lead.

The Obama administration plan is to start educating children at birth:  “The Obama administration has proposed new investments that will establish a continuum of high-quality early learning for children beginning at birth and continuing to age five.”


 Parents should not be forced to put their child in preschool or fund preschool programs


 The Institute of Marriage and Family has shown that early education does NOT benefit children and they should actually begin school later rather than earlier.


Such programs are really about control: The bill calls for schools to collect longitudinal data on children which fits perfectly into the Common Core P20W database Utah has created. Federal bureaucrats are incentivizing data collection and testing for small children and invasive home visits.


A concerned Utahn,

Chris Watts