From: Rebecca and Nate
Subject: Please Oppose HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 09:44:58 MST 2014
I am writing to you this morning to encourage you to oppose HB 96 This bill deals with funding "early childhood education programs" for "at-risk students." There are many reasons for my opposition to this bill. For example, it has been shown through previous comprehensive preschool programs, like Head Start, that such programs do not help the participating children to perform any better as they progress through school. I don't want to spend any additional taxpayer money on similar programs that have already proved unsuccessful. Furthermore, there is evidence that starting children in formal school environments too early is actually damaging to them, especially for boys. I especially oppose compulsory early education and believe that parents should be free to decide what education they want and believe is best for their children, particularly before elementary school.

Another reason I oppose this bill is that it calls for schools to collect longitudinal data to use in the P20W database (see lines 84-86). I am adamantly opposed to this database as it violates the privacy to students and their families, and I believe it also has a lot of potential to be misused.

I therefore would appreciate your opposition to HB 96. Thank you for your time and for the consideration of these things.


Rebecca Scott