From: Ben Black
To: blackfam87,
Subject: Please OPPOSE HB 96 - Utah School Readiness Initiative
Date: Thu Feb 06 05:05:10 MST 2014

Dear Utah State Legislator,


Inasmuch as my “local” representatives have different committee assignments I must rely on you to help me.


HB 96 is one of those “feel good”, yet very dangerous bills and must be opposed!


Please consider the following:

·        As long as education in Utah is “compulsory”, any additional requirements/opportunities expanding that compulsion, even if currently for a “select” group of “disadvantaged” will inevitably lead to additional encroachments on families who  seek to have a greater impact on their own young children during the earliest formative years.    Please – NEVER, EVER add to the education compulsion in a fashion requiring of explicit opt-out for those wanting exemption!    Additional “opportunities”, if created should only provide an “opt-in” and leave all compulsion out of it!

·        Pre-school seems to be a repeat of the expensive and failed “Head Start” program.   Do NOT ever force pre-school upon anyone!

·        Please do NOT give The Obama administration additional destructive power over the lives of citizens, especially the youngest ones!   It is power, NOT education, that is inherent in the Obama administration to control children from birth!

·        The data collection and invasive home visits embedded within the federally entangled Common Core is already a travesty.   Do NOT extend this freedom-unfriendly situation!

·        The Institute of Marriage and Family has shown that early education does NOT benefit children and they should actually begin school later rather than earlier.


Thank you for your service to Utah!

Please do the right thing and stop HB 96



Ben Black

SF – Leg District 66