From: Jennifer Orten
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: OPPOSE House Bill 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 03:35:49 MST 2014
I understand that you are meeting in the morning regarding this awful bill. Please  do not take away the rights of the parents and their children through supporting this destructive bill. 

Specifically, I oppose:
(1) the collection of longitudinal data on children.
(2) bills specific to preschool, in all their varieties
(3) any government-mandated education from birth to 5 years. Let the child be taught by his parents!
(4) invasive, or any, home visits based upon educational reasons
(5) federal intervention on any educational matters.  Leave it to the states and local districts! 

These are God-given, Constitutionally protected rights. Our liberty must be protected or we run the risk of ruin both as a country and as families.

I pray that you will awaken to the great danger of our nation, and act accordingly to preserve what our forefathers fought so hard for — liberty and the rights of the individuals.

Our children, and our families, depend on it.