From: D S
Subject: Oppose HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 03:08:29 MST 2014
Dear Legislator,

Please oppose HB 96 Below are two sections taken from the Moore foundation of home school and a link that shares my beliefs about taking children out of the home too early..

Instead of studying how best to meet their needs, we often put our “little ones” out of the home, away from environments that best produce outgoing, healthy, happy, creative children. In a federally-sponsored analysis of more than 8,000 early childhood studies, Moore Foundation concluded that the United States is rushing its little ones out of the home and into school long before  most, particularly boys, are ready. [1] The effect on mental and emotional health is deeply disturbing. Dropout rates also are mute testimony, though in some cases, the dropout, like Thomas Edison, is more fortunate than those who stay.
   We should not be shocked then by the Smithsonian Report [11] on genius which offered a three -part recipe for high achievement, consisting of 1)  much time spent with warm, responsive parents and other adults, 2) very little time spent with peers, and  3) a great deal of free exploration under parental guidance. Study director Harold McCurdy concluded:

“the mass education of our public school system is, in its way, a vast experiment on reducing ... all three factors to a minimum; accordingly, it should tend to suppress the occurrence of genius.” [11]


At the Moore Foundation we recently obtained the court-approved standardized test scores of children whose mothers or fathers were arrested for teaching at home. Most parents were of low socio-economic status with less formal education than usual, yet , the children averaged 80.1%, or 30 percentile ranks higher than the nation’s average classroom child.

  One more important link

Thank you,
Dana Slabaugh