From: LeNell Heywood
Subject: No on HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 01:22:16 MST 2014
Please vote no on HB 96
Studies show the advantage of headstart fades by 4th grade.  Watch John Stossel's report on pre-schools.

Students data will be tracked
             (4) "Eligible LEA" means an LEA that has a data system capacity to collect
              85         longitudinal academic outcome data, including special education use by student, by identifying
              86         each student with a statewide unique student identifier.

• Districts surrender control of student information when using cloud services:  fewer than 25% of the agreements specify the purpose for disclosures of student information, fewer than 7% of the contracts restrict the sale or marketing of student information by vendors, and many agreements allow vendors to change the terms without notice.  

Please vote no HB 96

LeNell Heywood