From: Jared Lisonbee
To: Francis Gibson, Lowry Snow, Patrice Arent, Richard Cunningham, Steve Eliason, Greg Hughes, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, Jim Nielson, Val Peterson, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, Dean Sanpei, Keven John Stratton,
Subject: Please Support the Utah School Readiness Initiative (H.B. 96)
Date: Wed Feb 05 18:36:24 MST 2014
As a parent of a preschool child, I know how beneficial quality early learning can be for social development as well as the development of foundational learning skills that will serve the child throughout life. With HB 96, we have the opportunity to provide a strong foundation for children that will benefit the short-term and long-term economy as well as the children and families that will directly benefit from this initiative. Please support HB 96,
Jared Lisonbee
359 E. Kensington Ave
Salt Lake City, UT