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Subject: You can make a difference
Date: Sun Feb 02 21:57:15 MST 2014

You can make the difference in the life of a child living within polygamy.
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Children in Polygamy
Need Your Help


Vote “No” on HB 58

Polygamy is NOT just Co-habitation

  • Polygamists want to live above the law. HB 58 is trying to make polygamy co-habitation, yet this is misleading. Polygyny is NOT an equal partnership, it is ABUSE based on power & control and one husband having multiple wives. Read our letter to Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes concerning APPEALING the recent federal court case on polygamy.
  • Polygamists do not want to take accountability for their wives, and children: “In 2006 on CNN, former AG Mark Shurtleff said, "They hate the government, so they'll bleed it for everything they can through welfare, tax evasion and fraud. It makes some sense. Polygamists have multiple wives and dozens of children, but the state only recognizes one marriage. That leaves the rest of the wives to claim themselves as single moms with armies of children to support. Doing that means they can apply for welfare, which they do. And it's all legal. More than 65 percent of the people are on welfare ... compared with 6 percent of the people of the general population."
  • In 2011 the decriminalization of polygamy went before the Supreme Court of British Columbia where it was ruled POLYGAMY WOULD REMAIN ILLEGAL.  Read some of the highlights from the most exhaustive study of our time.
  • Scare tactics & misleading the public.  Polygamists have isolated themselves due to beliefs of supremacy, and avoidance of the law.  Law enforcement doesn’t go knocking on doors, or looking into homes, unless there is valid complaint, or they have a search warrant.  Rarely is polygamy, or the crimes within polygamy prosecuted, yet the law SHOULD be a deterrent, and has the opportunity to set a precedent.  Let’s start there.   
  • Constituents.  A 2013 poll indicated that the majority of Utahans did not believe polygamy should be decriminalized. On 2/1/14 a Utah constituent, and law student at the U of U succinctly summed up why polygamy should NOT be decriminalized. Read the entire article. A portion reads: “The Legislature owes a duty to its constituency, and within that constituency, its highest duty is to the most vulnerable members. In the case of polygamy, that means the young girls trafficked into underage marriages, sexually exploited and abused. It means the wives trapped in relationships marked by dominance instead of love and expectations of obedience instead of equality. It means young boys rendered homeless during adolescence.”
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