From: Larry Ellertson
To: Brian Greene, Rebecca Lockhart, Curtis Bramble, Deidre Henderson, David Hinkins, Dana Layton, David Lifferth, Dean Sanpei, Francis Gibson, Howard Stephenson, Jacob Anderegg, Jon Cox, Jon Stanard, John Valentine, Kay Christofferson, Keith Grover, Margaret Dayton, Mike Kennedy, Mark Madsen, Michael Mckell, Merrill Nelson, Marc Roberts, Ralph Okerlund, Val Peterson,
Subject: Support Carp Removal
Date: Fri Jan 31 23:38:26 MST 2014
Dear Honorable Utah State Legislators,

For the past seven years, I have been involved with the Utah Lake Commission and have seen great strides as we work to improve Utah Lake. The Commission and its members have been diligently working to achieve the vision of the Utah Lake Master Plan to improve water quality through carp removal, restoring the shoreline through aggressive efforts to remove phragmites, and are beginning planning efforts to complete a connected trail system, open up natural sandy beaches, and improve access points. It is a great resource that is quickly being rediscovered by many in our region.

One of the projects that has received much attention recently is the carp removal program to improve water quality and help restore the lake's ecosystem. Studies show that removing 75% of the carp from the lake in seven years and then maintaining that population will allow the ecosystem to return to a more natural state. This totals about 30 million pounds or 6 million carp. Over the last three years, 13.6 million pounds have been removed with almost 18 million pounds to go. These efforts have been funded through various state and federal grant programs. These funds are no longer available and the progress made to date is threatened if funding is not secured.

I ask that you support any appropriation or legislation that comes forward during this and later legislative sessions that will assist this program and any effort to improve Utah Lake. The lake is a hidden gem that with a little attention can add to the quality of life for the citizens of our State.



Larry Ellertson
Utah County Commission
Office: 801-851-8133
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