To: anglonevada,
Subject: UK Victims of Utah FBI COINTELPRO Crimes Being Advised:
Date: Thu Jan 30 13:07:41 MST 2014
Many UK Victims of Utah FBI COINTELPRO Crimes Are Now Also Being Advised:
ATTN: Those contacted during UK Boiler Room exposures: 
The attached will give you some details of what I believe may readily provide you with restitution for your losses.
On behalf of myself and other Banner-related shareholders, I believe it is now very possible to obtain extremely large damage claim restitution from the U.S. FBI for what is called a COINTELPRO operation against us in 1993 that resulted in the theft of the Requa/Hoover Files in Utah Court Frauds.
COINTELPRO operations were recognized as egregiously criminal by the U.S. Senate Hearings in 1976. In 1993 a now-clearly evident such operation was instigated against us as a means to steal the Requa/Hoover Files. The details may best be summarized in the attached "As Taken from Utah State Legislature Website". It is now my belief that the Boiler Room fraud on you was in fact a COINTELPRO operation targeted covertly against Banner interests to discredit our efforts to re-finance after the Utah Crimes as detailed. It was done by those intent on keeping covered up those who had financed the corrupt FBI agents to steal these files for them by Court Frauds.
It was also done to keep covered up the fact that in 1974 John Paul Getty had murdered a man, Samuel Edelman, in an effort to pin that on me, and thereby remove myself from controlling the Requa/Hoover Files (after I refused Getty access to them) from which he could have developed gold mines yielding many billions of dollars. It failed because I left the murder locale (San Francisco) not many minutes before the murder happened and could not thus be framed for it. But fabricated FBI records made at that time show that the murder was done by combined FBI/Mafia elements employed by John Paul Getty in a COINTELPRO scheme.
The Boiler Room fraud on you would have been a typical tactic of FBI COINTELPRO covert crimes to destroy some of their enemies -- but are in fact operations for the economic benefit of those rich enough to engage the FBI in crimes for them. In 1974 it as for John Paul Getty. The Church Committee Hearings made these things clear in 1976. Senator Huddlestone said this on the Senate floor: 
“The fact that the United States Government [FBI] would call in two Mafia people to help us eliminate some guy illegally by murder because we disagreed with him was the kind of thing we were confronted with across-the-board during this investigation"
It apparently has only now been recognized that any and all such Mafia contracted murders by the FBI were necessarily of origin and approval only by J. Edgar Hoover whose depth of Mafia alliances and intrigue as occasioned by his being blackmailed and bribed by them — has been progressively made clear by various sources (see attachments).
Banner interests have far more than enough evidence now just on our own to take the FBI to court and claim damages into the hundreds of millions or billions of dollars.  (See attachments).
Whether we can establish the boiler room, through sufficient facts, as also an FBI COINTELPRO operation against us (and you) I cannot say. But in any case, based on the facts to date, I am sure that is what it was, and just based on our evidence to date. There were 54 companies whose identities were targeted for theft by the boiler room. There were no others who had malicious rumours spread about them, merely by being unknowing victims of large crimes. And this episode was also the time when Banner had reclaimed the Osceola property which the 1993 FBI COINTELPRO fraudsters assuredly would have wanted to prevent us from financing. 
In any case, upon seeking and gaining restitution for only our own claims and damages, there will almost assuredly be far more than enough to consider some assistance to you all. As stated in the numbered attachment,  I believe we are without any obligation to do so, but you might all be very much helpful in making clear how criminal and Mafia-allied the FBI became under J. Edgar Hoover -- and how criminal it still remains. But the facts are clear that the Boiler Room was an episode that some used to discredit us --- and have been doing so until recently. I am sure that it was intended to do so before it happened.
I urge you all to read the attached items.
Stephen Requa                                                                                                                                                                                     
It apparently has only now been recognized that any and all such Mafia contracted murders by
the FBI were necessarily of origin and approval only by J. Edgar Hoover whose depth of Mafia
alliances and intrigue as occasioned by his being blackmailed and bribed by them has
been progressively made clear by various sources.

Attached Briefs are:
Brief II of Today to San Francisco Police and Others on Now-Apparent Solution to Edelman Murder of 1974
Prior Brief I established what the underlying realities of that murder were: John Paul Getty had hired corrupt FBI COINTELPRO agents and Mafia cohorts to conduct
that murder to remove his obstacle in obtaining access to the Requa/Hoover Files with billions of dollars in gold mines at stake;
Current Brief II establishes the specific California crime syndicate (Mafia/Triad including FBI agents) that had been engaged by Getty in 1974 as the leaders of the crime syndicate
employed again to arrange the theft of the Requa/Hoover Files. The full knowledge of the Edelman murder -- done 19 years before -- by the late Phil Stevenson in 1992-1993 can only
be concluded as to indicate Stevenson had become a principle of the still on-going very same crime syndicate. He could not have known anything about that murder by any other means,
nor particularly could he have known its connection to framing Stephen Requa from that time. Only those responsible for that murder/intended-framing (with their successor syndicate leaders) would have known these things.
Cracking the Edelman Murder may likely be accomplished by cracking those available from Stevenson's financial crimes syndicate as of 1992/1993 (i.e Global Strategies and Bampton syndicates), some of whom would have know.
All those involved in supressing the California Department of Corporations complaint and investigation of those crime syndicates would know the reasons for their suppression, and/or the fraudulent pretexts for their suppression as fabricated by crime syndicate persons -- thus likely leading to those with the same knowledge of the Edleman murder then known as evidenced by Stevenson.
It is likely also to be of knowledge by the alleged criminalized FBI Agent Collins as per the item attached as taken from the Utah State Legislature Website.
The very large body of evidence and the conclusions now possible are sufficiently complete to bring down a number of closely related major crime syndicates.
A similar trail in Utah likewise has all the "dots" to be connected with ease.
Banner International