From: Joel Coleman
To: Howard Stephenson, Brad Last, Steve Eliason,
Subject: USDB Transportation Cost-Benefit Analysis
Date: Thu Jan 30 07:34:34 MST 2014
Dear Members of the Public Ed Appropriations Committee; As you might recall, last year you were presented with a proposal from the former administration of the Utah Schools of the Deaf and the Blind to bring our student transportation into the agency, rather than contracting with a private vendor. As a result, USDB was instructed through legislation to study the matter and produce detailed data to evaluate the proposed idea. Consequently, we have prepared the attached Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) for your review. The actual analysis was completed by USDB’s chief financial officer, Scott Jones, who will accompany me when we discuss the matter with you in committee. Subsequent to his work, I reviewed the data and his methods and I concur with his findings. Additionally, other stakeholders have reviewed the information to offer additional feedback, including the State Board of Education auditor, USOE financial officers, administration, and state fleet administration. In short, we believe our analysis is highly reliable. Of course, we also reviewed these findings in detail with your staff member Thomas Young. To his credit, he has been extremely thorough in his questioning and we have been equally transparent with him in our answers. As your representative, he was impressive. You should also understand USDB has no ulterior agenda with this transportation CBA, other than presenting the most objective analysis possible. Although we have only been at the helm of the agency for a few months, we look forward to reporting to you and collaborating with you as we endeavor to provide the best education services possible for our students with sensory disabilities. Respectfully, Superintendent Coleman Joel Coleman | Superintendent of Schools, USDB 742 Harrison Blvd. | Ogden, UT 84404 Direct (801) 629-4710 | Cell (801) 634-6251 |

Pupil Transportation Analysis.ppt